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RE: [IPk] carb counting

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, you wrote:
>I am getting a list together of good carbohydrate material/books etc.
>One f the cheapest and easiest with scales I have seen is: Collins Gem
>Calorie counter (avail WH Smith for 4-ish) as it lists carbohydrate
>values of common food. 

I did have a copy of this but gave it away as I didn't like it.
It has a lot of info about packaged foods, which I found pretty useless
because (a) it's very random about which ones it includes (b) all the
packaged foods it mentions have the info on the label anyway.
And as Julette says, it gives the info per 100g which isn't always very
Does anyone know of a book that gives good info just about unpackaged foods
(at least carb and fat info)? And isn't American?
>Plus with regard to labels... I feel 99% of the time they are correct. I
>know legally they are meant to be what they say they are. It is
>important to know how much the food weighs/serve size etc.. and check
>this against the label.

I can assure you, Julette, that I am perfectly capable of ineterpreting
labels correctly, but I have found on numerous occasasions that the
lableeing is wildly out.
Sandwiches in particular. For example, I've had a sandwich with normal
bread (2 normal slices) plus something like hummus (which has a fair few
carbs in) and it's claimed to be 19g carb.  There's no way the bread alone
would be that little. I tend to check the label, but if it seems odd, I go
by intuition, which usually turns out to be more accurate.
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