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Re: [IPk] carb counting

Carb counting - where you estimate the carb you're eating, and divide it by
your special number (carb/insulin ratio) and take that much extra insulin -
is in practice one of the best ways to work out how much insulin to take
with a meal. But it's not perfect. That's why we test and take a correction
bolus with the next meal, to iron out the inaccuracies.

I believe some people do find that even when their basal rates are correct,
they have a different carb/insulin ratio at different times of the day. For
some this is important, for others it's not. The golden rule is do what
ever is necessary to get the results you want.

>On another note can anyone recommend a really good book on CHO counting

I like the Collins Gem Calorie Counter - small, compact, basic nutritional
info for 1000's of foods, basic ingredients and branded foods. You'll find
it on the books page of our website at

>(and also a reasonably priced accurate set of scales)

I have some small digital scales - about 6 inches in diameter. Small enough
to put in my a suitcase when I'm travelling. Probably cost 15 pounds. Can't
remember. Check out somewhere like the CookShop in Boots.

>I think that some of my
>problems in late evening may be dietary in origin as my readings at this
>time are particularly unpredictable and my evening meals vary more than at

Do some experiments on yourself. I know there's probably no such thing as a
typical day, but when you can, fix up a standard meal, and eat it 3 days in
a row, and so work out how much insulin you really do need for that meal.
Assume nothing. Then branch out into other ingredients, and see how that
changes things. You might find that wheat starch requires different insulin
amounts than, say, potato starch. Or the protein content may affect your
insulin needs.

>Have others had experience of values on food labels being wildly out.

Anyone know what the legal requirements are for the accuracy of nutritional
values on food label? Since they give them to 1 decimal place, you're
inclined to think that is how accurate it is. But I bet it's nothing like


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