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Re: [IPk] Amazon.co.uk

>I wish I had known this as I use Amazon and could have helped a little. Did
>I miss the advertising? Keep us aware of things like this. Maybe you should
>approach other online shopping sites as it seems a good way to raise funds?

That's an interesting idea... let me know what other online shops you use,
Bobby, and we'll see if they do "associate programs" like Amazon.co.uk. It
would probably have to be vaguely diabetes related, but I'm sure the link
could be tenuous... "buy delicious chocolates from sweeties.com. It will
brighten up your day and so make your diabetes easier to control." :-)

At a slight tangent, I  have set up a private account with the auction
website www.ebay.com. I've setup an automatic "watcher" which emails me
whenever anything relating to insulin pumps comes up for auction. Lots of
Disetronic "Pumpy" soft toys. A secondhand pump appears for auction every
week or two. Typically $500. I've no idea how illegal or inadvisable it is
to purchase and  import a secondhand pump. But I'm sure it's OK to import a
"Pumpy" :-)

(We already have a Max the MiniMed Moose - which my 6-month-old son loves
to chew!)

>As a by the by, I have just spent two weeks in Menorca where I ate like a
>horse, morning, noon and night. Bloods good and when I came home I'd put on
>5 pounds (sorely needed). Within two days I am back to my usual (almost said
>normal) weight. It's almost as if my metabolism changed with the change in
>climate. To hell with funding for pumps, can I get NHS funding for a
>permanent move to a Mediterranean climate?

Wasn't there a fuss a few years back when NHS doctors started sending
people with SADS (Seasonal Affective Disorder Syndrome) on sunny Spanish


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