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[IPk] carb counting

Have others had experience of values on food labels being wildly out. I had
a large filled bread roll today and bolused according to the value stated on
the packaging. (It stated 30g and I bolused accordingly although I thought
at the time it probably had far more than this) BG this evening was 13.8 and
despite being erratic over the past 2 weeks my readings have usually been
good at this time
On another note can anyone recommend a really good book on CHO counting (and
also a reasonably priced accurate set of scales) I think that some of my
problems in late evening may be dietary in origin as my readings at this
time are particularly unpredictable and my evening meals vary more than at
In my handbook sent when I started pumping it said that insulin; CHO ratios
may vary according to the time of day i.e.proportionately more insulin
needed at around breakfast time than lunch and intermediate amounts for
evening meals, but most people, from what I can gather use a set ratio and
it would seem to me that if you finally manage to sort out the basal
requirements than this should be the case. however , even on my really good
days I need less insulin per unit CHO for lunch than breakfast.
Any tips welcome as usual

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