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Re: [IPk] slightly disappointing result

>I went to clinic today, after 3 months of pumping, HbA1c had only come
>down by1.2% ( 9.6 to 8.4) despite the fact that I am getting far more
>readings in the normal range. Oh well I suppose at least things are moving

Abigail -

I'm going to reach out over the internet and smack your bottom! How dare
you be disappointed with a drop of 1.2% ;-)

Actually, and seriously, what your HbA1c reflects is very complex and I
don't think it is that well understood, even by the "experts". Two people
can have very similar blood glucose levels, but have very different
HbA1c's. Something to do with differing average lifespan of your
haemoglobin cells, and that they pick up more glucose at the beginning of
their life than at the end. In fact, a US friend of mine was *excluded*
from the DCCT trial because the HbA1c didn't work for him!

>some of the 80s models) Can anyone really say what time period an A1c
>reflects as I've given varoius answers from 8 weeks to 6 months.

Also, this confusion about over how long a period the test reflects your bg
levels: I don't think there is an answer, or at least not one answer, as it
may vary substatially from person to person.

One thing that is clear though is that if your HbA1c is falling, and you
are not getting lots of bad hypos, then you are doing something right :-)

Incidently, I had a fright last year when my recorded HbA1c *rose* by 1.5%,
and I was not aware of any deterioration in my control. If it was getting
worse and I knew it, that is one thing, but to get worse and not realise
suggests I don't have a clue what I am doing. Anyhow, I did a bit of
sniffing around, and discovered that my clinic used two different
laboratory methods for testing HbA1c, and the same blood sample would
produce different results depending on which method they used. Pretty
stupid, but there we are. My control had not changed - they had merely
switched laboratory method without telling me.


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