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RE: [IPk] slightly disappointing result

Your hbA1C generally reflects the last 6-8 weeks of blood, despite red
blood cell life of 120 days (3 months). Definitely not 6 months because
RBC don't last that long. 

Your result is excellent, you probably wouldn't want huge decreases in
HbA1C immediately. You should be proud, most of the first few months is
trial and error - finding out about your body needs, plus suppose you
were having frequent hypos and hypers before - the hba1c may appear
similar to that of continuous "good" readings. If you feel your quality
of life has improved, AND your HbA1C has dropped, you should be

Pat yourself on the back!

Hope that helps,

Julette :)

Julette Kentish
Diabetes Research Dietitian
Royal Bournemouth Hospital
Castle Lane East - Bournemouth DORSET BH7 7DW
ph: 01202 704929
email @ redacted

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> 	Thanks to everyone who has responded, all the advice has been
> gratefully received.  I have spoken to my diabetic team and pump
> suppliers and am feeling much more positive.  Hopefully with the right
> adjustments to my basal rates I will get back to normality!  It is
> wonderful to know that there is so much support from fellow pumpers.
> 	Regards
> 	Shaz
> 	I went to clinic today, after 3 months of pumping, HbA1c had
> only come down by1.2% ( 9.6 to 8.4) despite the fact that I am getting
> far more readings in the normal range. Oh well I suppose at least
> things are moving in the right direction and I do seem to have had a
> fair number of high readings as well. I wanted to astound the
> consultant with a figure of less than 7 but I was actually surprised
> how interested and encouraging he was considering he had a low opinion
> of pumps initially (after working with some of the 80s models)
> 	Can anyone really say what time period an A1c reflects as
> I've given varoius answers from 8 weeks to 6 months. Also, last time I
> was in clinic I had a venous sample measured and today it was done on
> capillary blood so I wonder if my last reading would have been even
> higher if it had been done on a finger prick (does anyone know if
> there's a difference) I'm perhaps getting a bit obsessive about A1cs
> but I plan to use them in an attempt to get my health authority to
> fund my consumables( oh well, not yet but hopefully in the next few
> months). Oh and I  share the common goal of wanting to live life to
> the full and to a ripe old age with  no or minimal complications. I'm
> sorry for ranting on and on and asking questions that I should be well
> equipped to answer myself
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