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[IPk] slightly disappointing result

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Sent: Tuesday, August 15, 2000 8:35 PM
Subject: [IPk] thanks for all the advice Re:when am I going to start feeling confident

Thanks to everyone who has responded, all the advice has been gratefully received.  I have spoken to my diabetic team and pump suppliers and am feeling much more positive.  Hopefully with the right adjustments to my basal rates I will get back to normality!  It is wonderful to know that there is so much support from fellow pumpers.
I went to clinic today, after 3 months of pumping, HbA1c had only come down by1.2% ( 9.6 to 8.4) despite the fact that I am getting far more readings in the normal range. Oh well I suppose at least things are moving in the right direction and I do seem to have had a fair number of high readings as well. I wanted to astound the consultant with a figure of less than 7 but I was actually surprised how interested and encouraging he was considering he had a low opinion of pumps initially (after working with some of the 80s models)
Can anyone really say what time period an A1c reflects as I've given varoius answers from 8 weeks to 6 months. Also, last time I was in clinic I had a venous sample measured and today it was done on capillary blood so I wonder if my last reading would have been even higher if it had been done on a finger prick (does anyone know if there's a difference) I'm perhaps getting a bit obsessive about A1cs but I plan to use them in an attempt to get my health authority to fund my consumables( oh well, not yet but hopefully in the next few months). Oh and I  share the common goal of wanting to live life to the full and to a ripe old age with  no or minimal complications. I'm sorry for ranting on and on and asking questions that I should be well equipped to answer myself