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Re: [IPk] When am I going to start feel confident?

> >    Hi,   Well, I've now been about 8 weeks on the pump and I am still
> >lacking the confidence to 1) play with my basal rates (they are still at
> >the  levels first set for me) and 2) not panic every time I change the
> >infusion  set/insulin cartridge/batteries.   I know that I need to get to
> >grips with it, but keep  panicking!  My blood sugars improved dramatically
> >when I started on the  pump, but seem to have gone haywire the last 2
> >weeks.  I'm tending to run  quite high 10-14 on average, and also swinging
> >into hypo's.  I have had 2  today in the last 6 hours.  I beginning to
> >think is it all worth it.   Any support would be very welcome.    Sorry if
> >this sounds very negative,    Shaz

Hi Shaz
The first thing is to stop panicking, because that'll just make your
control worse!!!
As John pointed out, you really need the help of your medical team if
you are unsure what to do. Get one of the Pumping books too if you don't
have one.
Try making small adjustments - altering your basal by 0.1 units at a
time is not going to have a dramatic effect on your BG, but it will show
you if you're going in the right direction. Just keep testing frequently
until you get your control sorted a bit better.

The standard way to test your basal rate is to skip a meal and test your
BG every hour for a few hours, and see what's happening. If your BG
drops, turn down your basal by 0.1 units; if it increases, tuen it up by
0.1 units. The repeat the procedure until you get a steady BG. Of
course, it's hard to get it perfect - there are too many external
factors, but it should help.
Try dealing with only one part of the day at a time - once you've got
that fixed, work on another.
Most people take a while to get their control sorted out when they start
off on the pump, so don't think you're failing!
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