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Re: [IPk] Sleeping with the Pump

Dave Roberts wrote:

> Hi all!
> I always buy night shirts with a breast pocket and put the pump there. As I
> tend to roll around a lot while sleeping, it has on occasion come out but
> normally stays put.

Dear everybody,
I either buy nighties with a pocket and keep them shut with a nappy pin so the
pump doesn't fall out, or my very clever mother makes me an internal pocket
sealed with velcro which hangs inside my nightie in the middle. That way I can
roll around anyway I want and the pump never gets in the way. By having the
pump secrured in a pocket while I am sleeping I also don't need to worry about
it if I get up in the  night or when I get up in the morning, where I go, it
goes !

Also on the subject of stress and bgs and control in general. I am trying to
write my Phd thesis and get it submitted before the 10th of September and I am
so incredibly stressed its unbelievable. I am on a more or less constant thirty
percent increase all the time and bolusing nearly double what I would normally
do to keep my bgs a bit normal. As John pointed out, just when you least
feeling like fiddling and faffing with your diabetes you seem to require the
most intensive management. For the time being the best I am hoping for is to
keep alive until I finish my thesis and then hopefully my body will cut me some
slack !

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