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Re: [IPk] I'm fed up

> I had a perfect week , last week after starting in a new job. This week
>things went haywire starting on fri/sat- I was a bit low (3.6) before I went
>to bed so I had a snack and obviously overcompensated, waking on sat with a
>/bg of 14. Went hypo after correcting with 2 units. I've also had a fair
>number of highish readings on waking in the week but also a couple of
>reasonable ones so I don,t know what adjustments to make. I went to bed
>yesterday with a bg of7 ( this was 2-3hours after a big indulgent meal out
>incl dessert) and woke up 14.8I don't know whether the previous night's
>indulgence was still wreaking it's mischief or wether my basal rate needs
>altering or wether it's a site problem (I've just put in a new one) It's so
>frustrating, just when you think you're beginning to understand your own
>metabolism. End of moan

Abigail -

I find myself nodding away in agreement. When things go well, I am
thankful. When they don't, it's frustrating, but I just shrug my shoulders,
and make adjustments as best I can.

I guess we are all different, but I find major stress is a very reliable
way of completely changing my insulin requirements - and almost by
definition this comes at a time when I do not wish to be messing around
with my diabetes. Like just when I've started a new job. And then, without
noticing it, everything seems to settle down again...

I know carb counting is preached as the best way to predict your insulin
needs, but I find that for that really big meal, it's not reliable. You can
look up your metabolic pathways, and see why it doesn't work, but
ultimately I have to test and compensate several hours later. And since I
am usually fast asleep, it gets tricky. But there we are! All pleasure
seems to have its price...


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