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Re: [IPk] Re: Sleeping With Pump

Susan Morrow wrote:

> I tried wearing a dress for the first time since
> getting my pump (2 weeks ago) on Tuesday. I just
> clipped it onto the waist of my tights and it was
> fine. The only problem was when it came to bolusing
> for my evening meal. I was out in a fairly noisy
> restaurant with a friend and couldn't hear the
> 'beeps'. I'm not yet confident enough to bolus when I
> can't see or hear the pump so had to dash off to the
> ladies as soon as I could. Not very convenient. Does
> anyone have any handy hints for situations like this?

Hi Susan
I think wearing a dress is one of the hardest things to deal with on the
I haven't mastered a suitable way of bolusing yet (I don't have the
remote). It's quite easy to detach the pump from wherever you've got it,
and pull it out to bolus, but it's another matter trying to get it back
in again! I tend to wear it in my bra with a dress, which means you have
to pull it out of the top of your dress - not always very discreet!
One solution is to try the leg thing - someone else posted recently
about this for use in bed. The leg thing works quite well with a dress
and it's easy to reach under the table and pull out the pump (you can
always pretend you've dropped something on the floor as you bend
down!!). But it only works for longish dresses.
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