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[IPk] Re: Sleeping With Pump

'At the moment I just hurl it in to bed and it moves
around with me -'

So do I and it hasn't bothered me or come to any harm
yet. The only thing is that when I get out of bed in
the night to go to the loo I have to remember it's
there or I get a fright when I suddenly feel this
'thing' dangling down from my stomach!
I tried wearing a dress for the first time since
getting my pump (2 weeks ago) on Tuesday. I just
clipped it onto the waist of my tights and it was
fine. The only problem was when it came to bolusing
for my evening meal. I was out in a fairly noisy
restaurant with a friend and couldn't hear the
'beeps'. I'm not yet confident enough to bolus when I
can't see or hear the pump so had to dash off to the
ladies as soon as I could. Not very convenient. Does
anyone have any handy hints for situations like this?
On  seperate note I'd also like to add my thanks to
Disetronic for the fantasic support I have recieved.
My control has improved significantly already and for
the first time in ages I've had consistently good BMs
during the night and in the morning. 


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