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Re: [IPk] re: sleeping with pump

I use a Waist strap and wear the pump on my back when I sleep, I also wear 
the Waist strap when I wear short or Tracksuit bottoms (not a pretty site!).

Neil Deacon.

>From: email @ redacted (Gianfranco Novarino)
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>Subject: [IPk] re: sleeping with pump
>Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 13:24:43 +0000
>After various trials I found that the best way for me to sleep with the
>pump relies irreplaceably on the ThighPouch. For the uninitiated this is a
>genuine MiniMed accessory - a soft pouch on an adjustable garter allowing
>the pump to be strapped around the thigh ...  alternatively it could be
>referred to as  the"thigh-thingie"  if this didn't rhyme with "kinky" ...
>which I guess it is, a bit ...  err, enough said on that front.
>I'm a genuine "roll-over" sleeper - I sleep on my back, front and side in
>no particular order and change position very frequently during the night.
>That's why I love the Thighpouch: I strap it with the pouch on the inside
>of the thigh, and ... bingo! I can roll over as much and as often as I like
>because the pump rolls over with me, safely and securely. Really, in this
>way the nightime is the only time when I'm *completely* unaware of the
>pump. Quite pricey at  ten quid or so (? but please check if interested) ,
>but I guess that  anyone with a sewing machine could make their own. As a
>really cheap alternative, why not try strapping a soft fabric belt or
>similar  round the thigh and clipping the pump to it?
>Incidentally, sometimes I use the thigh pouch during the day as well -
>great for cycling in shorts or formal wear (as long as the trousers are on
>the  wide-fitting side).  Under wide-fitting trousers I sometimes strap the
>thigh thing around the waist, although this probably wouldn't work with a
>waistsize above 32-34. If anyone is interested in a few more tips on
>how/where to keep the pump in particular situations, boating, hot weather
>etc., please ask. -  (I even dived with the pump attached ... ssshhh or
>I'll probably get my wrists slapped ... well it was inside the Sportsguard
>of course).
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