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Re: [IPk] RE: Pump Insurance and sleeping with pump !-#304

"Twigg, John" wrote:
> How do others out there 'sleep with their pumps' ? (following Sharon Basil's
> comment not liking sleeping with the pump).
> To date, I've found using the 106cm Sofset easiest and put the pump under
> the pillow but I do find I often awake lying on the tubing (with the
> consequential, if possibly irrational fear than the insulin flow has been
> arrested !). The shorter 60cm set, which is more suited to use in the day,
> doesn't give, I feel, enough freedom during sleeping. I also find myself
> regularly checking that the infusion set has not been pulled out by
> movements during sleep (although fortunately it never has).
> Not entirely rational, I know, but.......!

Hi John
When I first got my pump I used to have the same kind of worry. I prefer
the longer tubing as it gives me more freedom in bed. I just put it in
the bed next tom me and it's quite happy. Occasionally it ends up on the
floor, but since it's carpeted, it's quite happy. I tired putting it
under my pillow but found it uncomfortable with my head on a hard square
thing, and it meant the tubing had quite a long way to reach. I wouldnt'
worry about lying on the tubing. Try physically squashing the tubing one
time while bolusing, and see if you can get a no delivery alarm (best do
it while it's not connected to you!). I bet you'll find it's almost
impossible to do. I've never managed it yet. I sometime find my tubing
tied in a knot (while it's connected - god knows how!) and the insulin
still gets through OK. I've never pulled out a set in my sleep either.
If you find you do manage to do that, you could always consider putting
a piece of tape down over the infusion set for extra security. Anf
failing that, get some duct tape :-)
I think in time you get more used to the pump and stop worryign so much
about it.

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