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[IPk] RE: Pump Insurance and sleeping with pump !-#304

I've insured my set of 2 pumps under "all risks" which has more than
doubled my annual premium (I live in rentd accomodation and don't own any of
the furniture so the premium was until recently, cheap). Does anyone know of
a company who insures pumps at a reasonable rate?

IDD 34 years. On Minimed 508 for 7 months.
My contents insurance is with CGU - they added approx 30 / year to the
overall premium for adding the pump to the 'All-risks' bit - probably not
bad for a 2000+ investment.

How do others out there 'sleep with their pumps' ? (following Sharon Basil's
comment not liking sleeping with the pump).
To date, I've found using the 106cm Sofset easiest and put the pump under
the pillow but I do find I often awake lying on the tubing (with the
consequential, if possibly irrational fear than the insulin flow has been
arrested !). The shorter 60cm set, which is more suited to use in the day,
doesn't give, I feel, enough freedom during sleeping. I also find myself
regularly checking that the infusion set has not been pulled out by
movements during sleep (although fortunately it never has).
Not entirely rational, I know, but.......!

PS. Gianfranco's 'Pumps thro' metal detectors' account very amusing -
fortunately, I haven't such difficulties in my travels through airports.
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