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Re: [IPk] Skyrocketing BGs after travelling

>a plane trip my bg tends to skyrocket. Also the stress of travelling and
>especially arriving in an unfamiliar place tends not to help. I don't
>have a strategy for dealing with this as I am loath to give myslef a
>huge dollop of insulin just as I arrive - sod's law would probably mean
>I end up massively hypoing on arrival which is probably not the best
>time as you're trying to get through customs and battle with the baggage
>I just test a lot and adjust as necessary.

Yes - me too, sort of. Sometimes my bg can go high for no reason at the end
of a long stressful journey, or sometimes it can crash. Not much I can do
about it, except remain alert, and test a lot.

Drinking lots of water on the journey is generally a good strategy.
Air-conditioned planes and trains (the European sort) can dehydrate you
without your realising it, and this puts a lot of stress on the body's


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