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Re: [IPk] metal detectors

>through detector, no problem, but - hey presto! - get challenged by keen
>7ft member of security staff  of  the "I'm the biz" sort, the little black
>box hasn't escaped his Sherlock Holmes eyesight and by golly he's in no
>mood for joking.

Just a theory... I have a hunch that some metal detectors don't sound
public alarms, but rather sound a discrete alarm that only the staff can
see. That way you don't know if you've been picked out at random, or if the
knife in the sole of your shoe has triggered the alarm... Gives the staff
the pschological upper hand.

On the back of my MiniMed 507 are 3 symbols: a heart in a square, and
exclamation mark in a triangle, and a droplet in a triangle. Anyone know
what they mean? I presume they are internationally recognised codes that
tell airport security staff it is life-giving equipment?

>3) Scene: Rome airport, July 2000, genteel policewoman at security control
>politely asks me to "take off the mobile phone" from my belt before walking
>through detector. "It's an insulin pump, I'm afraid I can't take it off".
>"Oh, I'm so sorry, I thought it was a phone but I guess I should have
>asked. It doesn't look like the one my daughter wears, I thought there was
>only one pump  model on the market ..."

Gianfranco - I wonder why the Italian lady was nice to you? :-) And the
Greeks and the Romans never did get on well did they.


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