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Re: [IPk] Skyrocketing BGs after travelling

Nanette Chana Freedman wrote:
> On a separate question, a few weeks ago, I asked some advice about
> travelling, pumps and metal detectors etc - just wanted to thank all
> who gave me advice, and let you know that I walked happily and
> uneventfully through all the airport metal detectors.  The only problem
> I had was one which I thought others had mentioned a long time ago on
> this list (or was it on another list??) - a post-journey blood sugar
> increase phenomenon - within 1-2 hours after each long (i.e. 4 hours +)
> stretch of journey (by plane or train), my blood sugar shot up into the
> stratosphere without any other reason - I have travelled so little
> since developing DM that I had forgotten about this, and the first time
> it happened on this trip (while attempting to run from one part of JFK
> airport in New York to another with our baggage to catch a connecting
> flight) caught me by suprise, leaving me feeling totally panicky and
> ill - thankfully my husband was with me on that part of the journey.
> Does this happen to other people, and has anyone a good strategy for
> dealing with it?

Hi Nanette
It may have been I who mentioned this before, I can't remember.
I tend to get the same thing, especially when travelling by plane (which
I  personally believe does all kinds of weird things to your hormones
for some inexplicable reason - women here may know what I mean!). After
a plane trip my bg tends to skyrocket. Also the stress of travelling and
especially arriving in an unfamiliar place tends not to help. I don't
have a strategy for dealing with this as I am loath to give myslef a
huge dollop of insulin just as I arrive - sod's law would probably mean
I end up massively hypoing on arrival which is probably not the best
time as you're trying to get through customs and battle with the baggage
I just test a lot and adjust as necessary.
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