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[IPk] Re: painful infusion set, and other things

>>My infusion set hurts.  It's not bloody, it's not red:  it's just 
sore.  I
>>inserted it this morning, around 9.30, and it's now almost 3pm, and 
>>still sore.  I suppose I have to remove it, but can anyone tell me 
why, if
>>it's not infected or bleeding, it hurts so much?

>As Julette says, I bet you've hit a nerve somewhere. I usually take 
>discomfort as a cue to change the set. If I don't, I can usually be 
sure of
>trouble further down the line...

At the risk of sounding difficult, I have to say that in almost 2 years
of pumping, I have found virtually no correlation whatsoever between
discomfort of a site and the site not functioning well.  I have indeed
often had some discomfort - very occasionally pain, more frequently
redness and itching, sometimes persistent, and sometimes temporary
(i.e. due to reluctance to stick myself again, and to use up more sets,
I adopt a wait-and-see policy, and more than half the time the
discomfort will vanish overnight).  Even if the pain or discomfort
persists, I have only perhaps once or twice in the nearly 2 years found
that this results in high blood sugars, and some quite painful sites
appear to function well for me - of course this is quite contrary to
general opinion on this, but my advice would be to wait and see.

One thing I have begun to suspect lately is that the redness and
itching is worse at times when I am snacking more, perhaps when eating
more of foods containing certain ingredients, perhaps wheat?  in any
event when I am taking better care of my diet, this skin sensitivity or
whatever it is seems generally to be less.  Anyone else had comparable

On a separate question, a few weeks ago, I asked some advice about
travelling, pumps and metal detectors etc - just wanted to thank all
who gave me advice, and let you know that I walked happily and
uneventfully through all the airport metal detectors.  The only problem
I had was one which I thought others had mentioned a long time ago on
this list (or was it on another list??) - a post-journey blood sugar
increase phenomenon - within 1-2 hours after each long (i.e. 4 hours +)
stretch of journey (by plane or train), my blood sugar shot up into the
stratosphere without any other reason - I have travelled so little
since developing DM that I had forgotten about this, and the first time
it happened on this trip (while attempting to run from one part of JFK
airport in New York to another with our baggage to catch a connecting
flight) caught me by suprise, leaving me feeling totally panicky and
ill - thankfully my husband was with me on that part of the journey. 
Does this happen to other people, and has anyone a good strategy for
dealing with it?


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