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Re: [IPk] painful infusion set

>I don't know if I hit a nerve with my infusion set, but I definitely hit a
>blood vessel.  When I removed the set last night, the cannula was clean,
>but the blood came glub glub out of the insertion point.

There we are :-) If you'd decided to just "put up with the pain" you might
by now be getting absorbtion trouble...

When I insert an infusion set, sometimes when it's part-way in, I can feel
it hitting something (blood vessel, nerve, bit of gristle, whatever), in
which case I pull it straight out, move about 1cm and try again.

I used to use SofSets with the Sofserter insertion gun. Great fun, and
painless, but it doesn't let you "sense" that the set is going in a bad
spot. This is also the case if you use a topical painkiller than some
people like to use.


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