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Many thanks for your message.  Unfortunately, for legal reasons, a
doctor's signature is needed (in this country).

I am now planning to get a pump in November, with my clinic, if they
will play ball, and in the US if they wont.

Best wishes,

In message <email @ redacted>, Susan
Morrow <email @ redacted> writes
>'I know that many here have concerns about patients
>going on-pump without adequate medical supervision'
>Dear Pat
>I have just started pump therapy and can assure you
>that the back up provided by the company has been
>There are no trained medical professionals at my local
>clinic so although I can get advise regarding diabetes
>from the clinic they can't provide advise regarding
>the pump.
>I had a day and a half training session which was very
>good. Since the training I have been phoned by the
>company twice a day to discuss my BMs, food intake,
>activity and adjust my basals if necessary.
>Additionaly I know that there is someone at the end of
>a phone 24 hours a day if I run into any problems.
>I wouldn't hesitate recommending the same approach if
>you can't get an appointment any sooner with your
>I actually contacted the company myself and they then
>arranged a suitable date for training with my clinic.
>Does your consultant really have to be involved? In my
>experience it is more useful if the diabetes
>specialist nurses are involved.
>I can understand how frustrated you must be feeing. I
>had to wait 2 months for my pump and I found that wait
>hard enough.The first few days on the pump were hard
>going but things are starting to get easier now and I
>can already see an improvement in my BMs.
>Good luck Pat, keep on fighting.
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Pat Reynolds
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