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Re: [IPk] Taglines - an idea

>Would it be useful if after your signature when sending a mail to the group,
>you had a descriptor, specifying:
>*	how long IDDM
>*	Pump user or not
>*	Type of pump
>*	If so, how long?
>Obviously it would have to be highly abbreviated, but I have seen this type
>of thing done on another diabetes mailing list and it does help you when
>reading comments from people.

Hi Audrey -

That's a great idea...

In fact, we already have a similar facility, but in a rather round-about
way. If you go to the Insulin Pumpers UK website at
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org.uk and click on "Discussion", you will see a
link to "Members of ip-uk and their profiles". This will allow you to see
the paragraph of text everyone gave when then joined the list.

(You may need to enter your email address, and the password "pumper" to
gain entry, as this is a restricted area)

Do check your own profile. If anyone thinks their profile is now out of
date (or plain wrong!) please send an updated version to
help@insulin-pumpers.org, and we will amend it on the website.

Thanks -

Diabetes since 1977, MiniMed 507+Humalog since Dec 1997

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