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Re: [IPk] funding

>How did you manage to persuade the health authority to pay?

Ah... I didn't say because my "method" may not be available to others: I
left Britain and took up residence in Germany. Because of my work, this was
an option open to me. So for 2 years I have been enjoying the generosity of
the German healthcare system. To my knowledge, there are at least 2 other
Britons on this list who are getting their pumps paid for in Germany.

Carmel's suggestion about going abroad is indeed an option, but you have to
stay there!

>When I told my GP Iwas going to try a pump he gave me a rather quizzical
>look and asked "don,t you think yourcontrol is bad because of your
>lifestyle" ( how dare us diabetics feel we have the right to a challenging
>career and a healthy future!)

Absolutely!!! There is one school of thinking which says "Type 1 diabetes
requires habits and routines. If you are unwilling to have breakfast at
7.30am every morning, lunch at 1pm and dinner at 6pm, with snacks in
between, you cannot hope to gain good control, and you will suffer the
consequences of complications. Your choice..." This is rubbish, because as
you and I know, a pump allows you to throw this rulebook out of the window,
and, within reason, live a spontaneous and irregular life just like the
rest of the non-diabetic population, and not compromise your diabetes
control. And even gain control for the first time. Pretty good really. But
it costs an extra thousand pounds a year...

The way my last consultant in Bristol put it to me was this: he has x
million pounds with which to organise the diabetes care for y thousand
people in the Bristol area. If he had an extra million pounds, he wouldn't
spend it on insulin pumps and infusion sets: he would spend it on drop-in
centres and sending dieticians out into the community, because that is how
he could purchase the most units of health improvement
(quality-adjusted-life-years or whatever). I argued that people eating high
fat diets and not exercising is his problem. My problem is my diabetes, and
the NHS has responsibilities to fund my healthcare as well. The big debate
is whether this extends to pumps for all suitable candidates.

The good news is that many people in Britain do, by hook crook and good
luck, get pumps and supplies paid for. And the numbers are increasing. It
seems to depend a lot on where you live. Perhaps moving within the UK is an
easier option than moving abroad...


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