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[IPk] funding

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From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 12:12 PM
Subject: Re: [IPk] infusion set / cartridge change

> >    Does anyone reconnect a used infusion set to   a new cartridge. It
> >says quite clearly on the instructions that sets should be  changed at
> >least as often as the cartridges. I use "tenders" and my cartridges
> >annoyingly) usually last about 10 days so if I follow the advice given
> >be wasting 2 days worth of infusion set and I fund the consumables
> >Is  there any reason why it would not be safe to do the above? (obviously
> >after  disconnecting the set from myself)
> Hi Abigail -
> I use Tenders and when necessary I will change the cartridge without
> changing the infusion set, as you suggest. I've not experienced any
> problems :-)
> But what I do more often though is to change the cartridge a day or two
> earlier than necessary, so I change cartridge and infusion set all at
> It may mean throwing away a day or two's worth of insulin, but I'm not
> paying for the insulin directly, and it doesn't offend my sense of
> I've been on the pump for nearly 3 years now, and for the first year I was
> self funding. One thing I did do to save money was to reuse the cartridge
> or 3 times. It's not officially recommended, but I know a lot of people
> do this. Insulin itself contains strong preservatives, so the inside of
> cartridge remains fairly sterile on reuse. The only problem preventing you
> reusing it any further is that the lubricant inside the cartridge that
> stops the plunger sticking can wear thin, and cause a no delivery alarm.
> On the self-funding front: I've been there myself, and I feel you should
> only do this if the money *really* isn't a problem. You've got to be able
> to ruthlessly change an infusion set that's only been in a hour or two on
> the off-chance that it is in a bad spot, without fretting about the waste
> of 5 pounds. Although I'm not a rich man (yet!), I was happy that I did
> my own pump and pay for my own infusion sets for a while, but I was very
> relieved when I secured proper funding.
> John
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How did you manage to persuade the health authority to pay?  I,ve already
been in touch with John Davies regarding this but I only have two months
worth of blood glucose results from prepump days as I threw my old records
away ( they wouldn't be much use as I was "eyeballing " the results ie using
the old strips and comparing the colour changes and readings that I thought
were 11 could have been anything from11 to 15 or 16) I do have a 18 month
history of poor HBA1cs (8.5 to 9.6%) and the consultant I'm under knows I
tested regularly but sees me as "obsessive" and  is not familiar with pumps.
When I told my GP Iwas going to try a pump he gave me a rather quizzical
look and asked "don,t you think yourcontrol is bad because of your
lifestyle" ( how dare us diabetics feel we have the right to a challenging
career and a healthy future!)
Do you think if I can show a substantial improvement in HBA1Cs I'll be able
to persuade them that it's worth funding (I've a clinic appointment in 2
weeks time)

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