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[IPk] oops: perhaps I should reconsider

I do most of my changes and fills at work.  My desk is at a good height,
it's relatively clean, and it's quite quiet and generally peaceful (we're
all writers, don't you know).

However, my pump notified me I had less insulin than I thought, and I
decided to get the fill done before my 3pm meeting.  As I ejected the last
nine units out of the reservoir before refilling it, and managed to get a
co-worker in the back of the neck.  She sits about 12 feet away from me!
Embarrasment!  Horror!  Awareness that I have been unhygenic and unaware of
the safety of those around me!  Ack!  thankfully, people around here are
good humoured and relaxed.

I am self-chastised...


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