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Re: [IPk] infusion set / cartridge change

>I use "tenders" and my cartridges  (very
>annoyingly) usually last about 10 days so if I follow the advice given I,d
>be wasting 2 days worth of infusion set and I fund the consumables myself.
>Is  there any reason why it would not be safe to do the above? (obviously
>after  disconnecting the set from myself)

When I refill a cartridge or start a new cartridge, I change the line from
the cart to the set.  I change the infusion set when I need to:  every 4 or
5 days.  So, for example, I changed my set today, but I'll be changing my
cartridge and line tomorrow!

So far I haven't had any problems.  A full cartridge holds about 10 day's
worth of insulin for me, too.  I only change the line when I refill.
That's every ten days, and I could go through 2-4 sets in that time, so I
have lots of spare line to support the branches of my dwarf apple trees!


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