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Re: [IPk] infusion set / cartridge change

>    Does anyone reconnect a used infusion set to   a new cartridge. It
>says quite clearly on the instructions that sets should be  changed at
>least as often as the cartridges. I use "tenders" and my cartridges  (very
>annoyingly) usually last about 10 days so if I follow the advice given I,d
>be wasting 2 days worth of infusion set and I fund the consumables myself.
>Is  there any reason why it would not be safe to do the above? (obviously
>after  disconnecting the set from myself)  

Hi Abigail -

I use Tenders and when necessary I will change the cartridge without
changing the infusion set, as you suggest. I've not experienced any
problems :-)

But what I do more often though is to change the cartridge a day or two
earlier than necessary, so I change cartridge and infusion set all at once.
It may mean throwing away a day or two's worth of insulin, but I'm not
paying for the insulin directly, and it doesn't offend my sense of waste...

I've been on the pump for nearly 3 years now, and for the first year I was
self funding. One thing I did do to save money was to reuse the cartridge 2
or 3 times. It's not officially recommended, but I know a lot of people who
do this. Insulin itself contains strong preservatives, so the inside of the
cartridge remains fairly sterile on reuse. The only problem preventing you
reusing it any further is that the lubricant inside the cartridge that
stops the plunger sticking can wear thin, and cause a no delivery alarm.

On the self-funding front: I've been there myself, and I feel you should
only do this if the money *really* isn't a problem. You've got to be able
to ruthlessly change an infusion set that's only been in a hour or two on
the off-chance that it is in a bad spot, without fretting about the waste
of 5 pounds. Although I'm not a rich man (yet!), I was happy that I did buy
my own pump and pay for my own infusion sets for a while, but I was very
relieved when I secured proper funding.


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