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Re: [IPk] Air gaps

>Has anybody ever had experience of air blocks at the very end of the
>infusion wire where it connects to the site. The gap temporarily dissappears
>on priming and a  basal shifts it along, but then the insulin retreats again
>down the tubing.

Martin -

Not quite sure I understand exactly what you are describing  (The written
word is quite limiting isn't it - much easier when you can wave your hands
around and point at things ;-)

But if there are small amounts of air trapped in the cartridge - which is
acceptable - then when you move the pump up or down in relation to the
infusion set, then the air bubbles will expand and contract slightly due to
the pressure of the insulin, and this will possibly cause the insulin in
the tubing to move a little when you disconnect - either be sucked back, or
dribble out a little. Don't know if that makes any sense...

Ultimately, we may only be talking about half a unit which isn't clinically


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