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Re: [IPk] Re: Pumps

> Couple of things. Some people find that infusion sets don't last so long
> with Humalog. 

Interestingly, I thought I was developig this problem, but it seems to
have disappeared again, as my sites are now lasting really well. i't
nice to change the site because it's time, rather than becuase it

> Like Ian, I tend to take my insulin during the meal - a small amount with
> each plate of food.

I've found that I almost always need to take my insulin at the end of
the meal with Humalog, otherwise I'm hypo 10 minutes later. it does
seem to work very fast for me (1 unit can drop me 3 points in 10
minutes). Strangely Actrapid took ages to work for me - much longer
than the normal time. I too like to look at my food before I decide
how much insulin to take. Especially when You're eating out you don't
always know what you're going to get in terms of carbs. Recently in
Austria I got several meals which contained less than 5g carbs (which
I didn't mind, but just wasn't expecting). If I'd taken my insulin
before seeing it, I'd have been scuppered!

However, I do have to watch out for the effects of exercise, which
seem to be much stronger with humalog. By that I mean that if I have
taken a bolus wihtin the last 2 hours, exercise can drop my BG very very fast
(e.g. from 9 to 3 mmol/l in 10 minutes, with the pump switched
off. And if anything goes wrong, like an air bubble, my BG soots up
very fast (which it wouldn't with Actrapid). But I'd take Humalog over
Actrapid any day.

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