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Re: [IPk] Re: Any guesses ?

Michael wrote:

> > Hi Moira
> >
> > It sounds like an absorbtion problem, (just a guess). Try a new site
> Does this occur regularly as the infusion site gets older? Say at the
> end of the second day or third day??

Yes it does, near the end of the second day and it is a real pain as I
don't like changing sets at night and then having to wait to see if
everything is ok. While I am at it, does anybody have problems with bgs
following an Indian meal ?  My bg wasn't too bad, 12.8 an hour and half
after the meal but went up to 15 another hour later and I had to bolus 3U
before bed. Why ? I don't have the same problem with Thai food. I didn't
have very much rice or obvious carb source so is it just hidden in the
sauce etc. ?

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