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Re: [IPk] Re: Any guesses ?

>I am finding that lately my Rapids only last slightly longer than a day.
>By the evening of the second day my bgs shoot up for no apparent reason
>but come down as soon as I change the set. There doesn't appear to be
>any visible reason for this and I am not getting any error alarms on the
>pump so what is going on here. It is a bit expensive and irritating to
>have to change infusion sets every day so I hope someone has some advice
>or suchlike to offer.

Moira -

Hi. Sorry not to respond sooner. I've been away in Prague for a few days,
and we're just in the middle of another of our end of season house moves
back to Frieburg (ie I'm knackered and haven't slept for a few nights...)

A few thoughts and suggestions you might want to explore, in no particular

As John D said, try different areas of your body. Anywhere there's enough
fat to pinch generously. The body reacts differently to the infusion set in
different areas.

Are you heavily stressed at the moment? I find that can substantially
reduce an infusion set life.

Are you reacting against the steel needle of the Rapids? Try the Tenders
for a few weeks.

Also, fat was never designed to absorb insulin, or have a needle stuck in
it. So we're  lucky it works at all.

Try a different insulin. In conjunction with a different insulin, the body
can react quite differently. I presume you're still on Humulin S? (Humalog
is reknowned for causing adverse reaction in some people - but I assume
you're not on this.) Try Velosulin. It's like Novo's Actrapid, but has
other "buffering" chemicals in it. Some people find the absorbtion much
more stable with Velosulin (MDI'ers and pumpers). You may not get this
sudden loss of absorbtion. Some people even mix a bit of Velosulin with
their Humalog, and seem to derive some benefit.

Hope that gives you a few more ideas to work on...


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