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[IPk] Weekend of a teenage pumpy

>My name is Thomas Lloyd.
>I'm 16, soon to be 17 years old, from the East Midlands, Warwickshire,
>England. I'm just about to start college after getting my GCSE's. I have
>had Type 1 diabetes since I was 2 and a half. I'm interested about insulin
>pumps because I don't have very good control and I saw an article in the
>Balance Mag.

Hi Thomas (and anyone else considering going onto the pump)

Gettng hooked up to the pump was the best thing that has happened to me. I 
can go out with mates clubbing and pubbing without worrying about my blood 
gucose. I can kip round a mates house without having to go all the way home 
to get different insulins. I can exercise while maintaining a balanced blood 
glucose. I can eat jumk food all day (not that I do, well, not EVERY day!) 
or not eat anything at all (can't remember doing that recently! but it can 
be done!).

I've just come back from Liverpool where I went the the music festival - 
Creamfields. It started at 2 pm and finished at 6am the next day. All I ate 
was a tiny jacket potatoe and some chocolate HobNobs that I got from the 
first aid tent when I was feeling peckish and didn't want to spend 3 on 
some greesy chips. ok ok, so i told the first aid guy that i was 3.9 when i 
was really 9.3. but hey! anyone can get their numbers back-to-front. and i 
don't want to influence this as sort of behaviour. you should never take 
advantage of your diabetes.... ahem...

I reduced my basel rate to 30% as i was dancing loads and everything worked 
out great. I kept my BG at 9 - 10 as that's what I felt safe at. I can't 
imagen how i would have coped on injections. i would have had to have taken 
a sack full of food!

Thomas, what's your next move regarding your career? are you going to be a 
student? or a working man?

Thank you Morag for those names and addresses in Canada, that's brilliant. 
I'll get in touch with them asap and let you know how I get on.

Steven, yeah, I'm not looking forward to packing up all that insulin and 
test strips and infusion sets AND all the spare pump stuff AS WELL as all my 
snow clothes. It's bad enough packing as it is... you know, being a woman 
and all!

Cheers all, Eleanor

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