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Re: [IPk] French Selection Criteria

Dear Morag;

My address is

2400 Parker Avenue
Silver Spring, Md 20902

There was a reference on one of the IP-UK  messages about parents allowing 
diabetic girls to die because they are not  "good marriage material."  Is 
there any way to obtain a copy of that article, or any other examples of 
Balance Magazine?  When I started on the pump last November, I had some extra 
NPH insulin that I wanted to get to someone without insurance, wherever 
located.  One of my hobbies (other than singing) is genealogy, and through 
various contacts, I sent it to Belarus where it ended up mainly in Minsk 
along with a meter and strips.  i was told by one contact there that up until 
that time, a diabetic child in a coma had to wait one hour to get the blood 
sugar results, which saddened me incredibly.  Some of my ancestors are from 
Belarus.  I also have a Russian diabetic friend in Baltimore, MD , a type I 
who moved from Russia among other reasons because  she and her family were 
afraid they would not be able to obtain insulin for her.


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