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Re: [IPk] URGENT travel insurance

>I will not be covered for repeat prescription charges for insulin so I'll
>have to take at least 9 months worth with me or pay for it while I'm there.
>Does anyone have any alternative advice regarding this?

I've been in a similar situation when I was working in Germany on a
temporary contract, but getting my diabetes care in Britain. I had to
either make sure I had enough test strips and insulin with me to cover till
I returned to Britain. [1] You end up travelling with quite a lot of stuff,
but there isn't really any other workable solution. You may have to
smooth-talk your GP, as they don't normally like to prescribe more than
3-months-worth of stuff. Perhaps you can get 3x 3-month prescriptions to
get it through the systems smoothly.

It may also be worth finding out if it's cheaper to buy your infusion sets
in Canada, rather than in Britain.

On several occasions, with no return trip looming, and running low, I had
my parents post the stuff out. I knew my British GP well. I would email him
my repeat prescription. He would send it up to the local chemist. I'd ring
the chemist to check it was there, and send my father down to collect it
and post it straight out to Germany. It worked very well, until I had
insulin posted out one winter, and the stuff arrived frozen... I'm ashamed
to say I had to chuck the stuff in the bin.


[1] Appartently the situation has since changed within the EU, and you can
now get cover for pre-existing conditions while working abroad temporarily.

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