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[IPk] URGENT travel insurance

Some of you may know that I'm going to Canada in October for my Gap Year.

I've just discovered that I can't take out BUNAC's (the gap year programme) 
travel insurance because it doesn't cover belongings worth over 2000 which 
is what 2 pumps are worth. The BDA have given me their insurance companies 
name (Europe Assistance) which covers me and the pump for 1 year AND 
employment in USA and Canada AND hazardous activities such as skiing and 

Can anyone recommend any other travel insurance company?

I will not be covered for repeat prescription charges for insulin so I'll 
have to take at least 9 months worth with me or pay for it while I'm there. 
Does anyone have any alternative advice regarding this?

I really hope that someone can help me. Please email me 
email @ redacted

Cheers, Eleanor

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