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[IPk] Rapid-D

Has anyone here used the new detachable Rapids yet?

It seems they have finally arrived on the market (in Germany at least). I
met a German friend last night who uses a Disetronic pump. He's been using
the detachable Rapids (Rapid-D) since July when they first arrived.

So you can use the tiny Rapid needles, and disconnect when having a bath,
getting dressed or whatever. There's a little snap-fit breakpoint on the
tubing, slightly smaller than the QR on the SofSets, which I found rather
knobbly when I used them once. He seemed to prefer the Rapids to the
Tenders, since the insertion needle is smaller.

Interestingly, this was the first time I'd seem Thomas since he started on
the pump 6 months ago. He's an opera singer and works with my wife a lot. I
thought he looked fantastic - previously he was always tired and knackered,
with that hung-dog look. We had a long chat about pumps last summer. His
German doctor had suggested that a pump would give him the freedom for his
irregular work schedules, combined with the tight control that singing
needs. He was initially apprehensive, but I think he was persuaded once he
saw how happy I was with mine.

All the best


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