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Re: [IPk] An Inspiring Climb

>    I found this site
>http://www.idea2000.org/Introduction/introduction.htm the  other
>day. It is about a group of people with diabetes  who are climbing a
>mountain in South
>America to raise money to help find a cure.

Peter - IDEA2000 (International Diabetes Expedition Aconcagua) excited me
too. I initially toyed with the idea of joining them. It seemed like the
ultimate get-fit goal. But I couldn't get the time to put in the
high-altitude training. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in the Western

They wanted to make the ascent team entirely insulin-dependent, but once
they had to consider insurance, it became impractical, so they're taking
local guides with them, who understand the weather conditions etc.

One thing they are interested to see is how bg meters and insulin pumps
function at that very high altitude. They are simple not tested at those
low pressures. There are two pumpers in the team I believe.

As well as raising money for the search for a cure, they also want to do
raise money for diabetes treatment in South America. Amidst such great
poverty, the cost of insulin and syringes is often prohibitive.

Was anyone else as moved as I was by that article "Where have all the
little girls gone?" in Balance last year? (it's not available on-line sadly
- come on BDA!) A doctor wrote about the distress of seeing young girls
dying, because their insulin was intentionally withheld by their poor
parents. Insulin is too expensive for them, and they will have great
difficulty finding a husband for a diabetic girl, because of the great
health problems involved in a diabetic pregnancy. As we spend 1000's on our
testing strips, infusion sets and better hi-tech insulins, others die
because they cannot afford basic insulin.

Anyone know how you can sponsor individual diabetic children in poor countries?


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