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[IPk] Stuck in Banbury?

> Guys/Thomas (where I am now) no longer has any pumpers.
> I have been reliably informed that the Royal Free has over Five!!!

Hello Pat,
I just moved to Banbury and saw a G.P. here.  I am waiting for an
appointment at the hosptial.  I was thinking that if my Endo doesn't know
much about pumps I will look to switch.  Can't you start going to the Royal
Free for your diabetes care?

> (I am feeling decidedly underwhelmed, and wishing I had followed the
> university careers advice computer, which said that I should be looking
> at a career in merchant banking, rather than following my heart and
> becoming a museum curator)

Given the choices, I would have gone with being a museum curator, too.  :)

Take Care,
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