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[IPk] Re: Switching to Humalog

Hi Moiro,
I also use Humalog in my pump.  I usually bolus as I sit down to eat or
during my meal.  I find it very convenient when I eat in a restuarant
because I don't have to worry about bolusing 15-30 minutes before a meal.
Also, Humalog brings me down from highs much faster than "Regular" (I think
that is Humulin S) used to.

The only difference is that now after eating pizza, I need to extend my
bolus of 3-4 hours with square wave (I am on a MiniMed 507) because the
Humalog peaks faster than Humulin S (Regular).

Exercise-wise,  Using Humalog has cut down on my hypos.  If I exercise in
the evening, I don't have to account for my lunch time bolus.

I hope this helps.

Take Care,

>Hi Ian,
>I am using Humulin S in my pump and have been told to switch to Humalog,
>you clarify in wich way you have found it better ?

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