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Re: [IPk] Re: Pumps

>I am using Humulin S in my pump and have been told to switch to Humalog, could
>you clarify in wich way you have found it better ?

Moira -

Couple of things. Some people find that infusion sets don't last so long
with Humalog. Not everyone finds this, but it's worth keeping in the back
of your mind. You might have to change every 2 days instead of every 3. If
you get your sets for free, that may not be too much of a problem, but if
you pay for them yourself, you'll need to weigh up whether the extra cost
is worth the extra benefit. Obviously, you'll have to try it first to find
out how you value the costs and benefits.

Also, I know some people mix a little Velosulin with their Humalog, and
find that this extends the life of an infusion set. But again, not everyone
finds this. I don't. And it is strictly non-standard practice, since the 2
insulins are made by different manufacturers.

Like Ian, I tend to take my insulin during the meal - a small amount with
each plate of food. This gives me control and freedom. I'll look at the
food in front of me, and say "that looks like 35g of CHO", and bolus 2.3
units. (I use 1 unit per 15g) If I want some more lasagne, I just take some
more insulin. It's so easy. Same with desert. This allows me to decide what
I want to eat when the food is in front of me - a pleasure the rest of the
world enjoys - and know that the Humalog will be in my blood fast enough to
match the digestion.


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