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Re: [IPk] Campaign for free infusion sets

> >Simon - I've been using a pump for nearly 20 years and now have to pay for
> >all the ancillary equipment . Are the BDA going to support pump users in
> >obtaining their supplies on prescription?
> >
> >Ian Grant
> Ian - at nearly 20 years I believe you could be one of the longest
> standing pump users! Have you been more or less continuous?
> Yerachmiel Altman <email @ redacted> of New York seemed to

Take a look at the OVER 24900 club pages in the 
MEMBERS ONLY area. These are the long term pumpers, length of time on 
pump and start date:

Irving L Perlman	23 years	April 1976 
Samantha Rosenthal	20 years	February 1979 
Valerie E. Inglis	20 years	April 1979 
Linda D. Mcneely	9 1/2 years	November 1979 
Mary A. Merkwa	19 1/2 years November 1979 
Jill M Meyer	19 years	February 1980 
Yerachmiel B Altman	19 years	June 1980 

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