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[IPk] Campaign for free infusion sets

>Simon - I've been using a pump for nearly 20 years and now have to pay for
>all the ancillary equipment . Are the BDA going to support pump users in
>obtaining their supplies on prescription?
>Ian Grant

Ian - at nearly 20 years I believe you could be one of the longest standing
pump users! Have you been more or less continuous? Yerachmiel Altman
<email @ redacted> of New York seemed to think himself one of the
oldest veterans... perhaps the 2 of you should get in touch and compare
notes about the good-old-days ;-) He recalls diluting the insulin to change
the (constant) basal rate...

Regarding pump supplies, it certainly is a bugger. I was self-financing
when I started 2 years ago. My consultant in Bristol would mutter things
about possible pots of money, and talk to your GP, but nothing ever showed

Through my marriage last Christmas, and my wife's employment in Germany, I
now enjoy German health insurance, which pays for everything. I do count
myself lucky there - and I assure you this was not why I got married (she's
now expecting our first child)

I've heard rumours - and these are only rumours - that the Department of
Health may be considering putting infusion sets on the "tarif" or list of
things you can get free on prescription, within the next year or two. I
don't know if anyone else knows anything here?

It would seem that some hospitals will give you infusion sets for free,
from their own budgets, but others make you pay for them yourself. That
looks to be the current state of confusion out there.


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