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[IPk] Actrapid or Humalog?

>Also is can  you
>use Actrapid or is Humalog the preferable short-acting insulin.  I tried
>before (tds) and is doesn't suit me at all - wears off very quickly and my
>bms start to
>run high.

Susan - Yes, you can use either Actrapid or Humalog or another "buffered"
version of Actrapid called Velosulin, which was designed to prevent insulin
crystals from forming (although this is no longer such a problem as it was).

I know a lot of people don't like Humalog for various reasons - some call
it rocket fuel :-) - but many consider it the best insulin for pump use
because it's speed puts you in much more control. You can respond to
situations, and see the results within the hour.

It also means you can have a large meal, taking the correct amount of
insulin according to your carb-insulin ratio, and the insulin will match
your digestion. With Actrapid you sometimes have to follow a large meal
with yet more carbohydrate 3 hours later, as the slightly slower insulin
"peaks" after the food has cleared your digestion.

But perhaps, being a dietitian, you know more than I do!

Also, the fact it may wear off quickly doesn't really matter with a pump,
since you are being continually delivered the stuff, with extra "bursts"
that you command when you eat.

Incidently, I hear there is a new insulin, due out in the next month or
two, called "Aspart" or "NovoRapid" (I think). Like Humalog, it's a very
rapid insulin from the Novo-Nordisk stable. Clinical trials are being

Type 1 22 years. Minimed507+Tenders+Humalog 2 years.

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