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Re: [IPk] time zones / teenage life!

HI Eleanor
Good to see you back!
Thanks for the info on the time zones. That makes sense now. At first
I thought it all sounded weird but now i get it. I'm oging to be
staying with another pumper for a few days in New York so that should
be interesting! I will doubtless be putting my pump to the test anyway
with all kinds of weird eating, drinking, sleeping and exercise habits
so it might no t be a very scientific test, but I pretty much plan to
just play it by ear and adjust as I go along rather than getting
fixated about basals. If I travelled across time zones regularly then
I would probably be a bit more scientific about it.

As for shaving your legs, um, why would the tubing get in the way?
Thetubing doesn't need to go anywhere near your legs.
I always disconnect as it makes life easier (thuogh I guess if you'r
eusign the Rapids you can't. I had heard that if you immerse the tubing
in hot water it can cause clogging, but I guess that's probaly only if
you leave it a long time in very hot water.

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