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[IPk] time zones / teenage life!

Hi everyone. Sorry I've kinda lost contact, but I've been away and have been 
at work ever since I got back.

My time is still tight but I am happy to answer any emails that people send 
me, e.g. Becky or Rikki-Lee or anyone!

I've just scrolled through the digests and have picked up bits and pieces so 
I apologize if I've missed anything that people have said to me.

MIKE, your case sounds similar to mine. My HbA1c was fine before I got my 
pump over a year ago, but my daily BGs were awful. I used to have great BGs 
but when I entered puberty everything went wrong! I was frustrated that I 
kept very fit but couldn't maintain good BGs while exercising. Now I have a 
pump I feel I have more energy I guess because I have fewer highs and lows 
which takes it out of me.

I'm 18 years old now and am enjoying life as a teenage student! I get up to 
all the things my mates do, if not more because the pump has made me more 
determined to complete my aims and goals in life. Proof: I'm off to Canada 
in October to work and play in the ski resort of Whistler before I go to 
Bournemouth Uni in September 2000.

DI, I've read what mum has told you about time zones etc but I just need to 
make a correction.

This is what you do. During your flight set your basel rate to the lowest 
basel rate you have in 24 hours. E.g. mine goes from 0.8 to 1.0 so I would 
set my basel rate to 0.8 for 24 hours. Bolus for meals as usual. Watch your 
BGs closely the first few days of your holiday and as they start to rise 
slowly change to your original rates. When I went to Canada last year it 
took 2 or 3 days for my body to change over, but when I got back it took  5 
or 6 days!! Remember. Just because you yourself have got to grips with the 
time zones i.e. waking up and feeling hungry, it doesnít mean that your 
diabetes has. Donít ask why because I donít know!!

I changed the clock on the plane. Because you have the same basel rate for 
24 hours it doesnít matter what time of day it is!!

Oh yeah, and remember Di, itís a HOLIDAY! You canít spend your holiday basel 
testing!! Sure, keep an eye on it but donít let it rule your mind.

If other people have different theories about coping with time zones I'd be 
happy to hear them.

GIRLS (and male cyclists!): I wear my pump in the bath and place the pump on 
the side. When you shave your legs do you ever worry you might nick the 

It will be interesting to find out how Alex got on in Indonisia. Before he 
left he was telling me that he was a little concerned that the sticky stuff 
on the Tenders would un-stick due to the heat and humidity.


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