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Re: [IPk] New Pump Centres

> >
> Is it just me, or have I just been really, really unlucky in my 30 years
> of DM?  I have never been given any sensible advice by a doctor on dose
> selection.

I think that's fairly normal. Then again, I see it as the patiet's
responsibility. I don't object to being left to figure it out myself
(as long as there is help availabel should I need it) but I do object
to being told the dose I should take.

> I don't, therefore, expect any input from a doctor when I get my pump on
> the dosing issue, boluses, etc.: I expect to have to work it out by
> myself, using a trial and error basis, just as I have done every time I
> have changed insulins or lifestyle.  
> I am expecting to be trained and advised on the choice of catheters, and
> insertion methods, but really, everything else does seem to be covered
> on-line, in medical journals, or in the manufacturers guidelines.  

I don't think you're being totally unrealistic.
>From my limited experience, what I got help on was how to insert a
Sofset. And how to fill the pump (but what I was told was actually
wrong, or at least, lacking in vital information).

What I could have done with help on was more detailed training on pump
filling and priming, and some information about what to do when things
go wrong, e.g. high Bgs, site infections etc. 
I figured out my own basal and bolus rates, which wasn't hard at all
except for the final tweakings and all the other things. Most of the
advice is YMMV stuff anyway, like choice of sets, tape, how to insert,
where to insert, etc. There are some basic rules of course but most of
it is personal preference. just about everything you could need to
know is either in the literature or can be asked of people on the
list. Doing yoru first insertion and filling and priming the pump the
first time is easier with someone there. I was lucky that John N was
here to help me with all that at the time.

> Am I being entirely unrealistic (as well as arrogant and pig-headed - I
> know I'm those two!)?  Is working out a pump basal so very different to
> working out a basal with MDI?  (I must admit I am looking forwards to
> having more than the time to adjust when trying to match insulin to
> need!)
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