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Re: [IPk] New Pump Centres

In message <014401bee8a5$48d7c260$email @ redacted>,
morag_mclaren_minimed <email @ redacted> writes
>It is worth noting that the best results with pump therapy are usually
>obtained in centres where they have several pump users .
>The medical team then gains more experience in dose selection and adaptation
>,exercise and meal bolus guidelines , troubleshooting and simpler but
>important issues like catheter selection , site location ,
>advice for wearing the pump etc .
>Centres can however obtain good results if they have only one pump user .
>However a larger  burden then falls to the individual as there is more of a
>trial and error philosophy .
Is it just me, or have I just been really, really unlucky in my 30 years
of DM?  I have never been given any sensible advice by a doctor on dose
selection.  That is, I have been given basic, sensible advice, which I
knew anyway, or advice which is wrong (either wrong for me, or plain

I don't, therefore, expect any input from a doctor when I get my pump on
the dosing issue, boluses, etc.: I expect to have to work it out by
myself, using a trial and error basis, just as I have done every time I
have changed insulins or lifestyle.  

I am expecting to be trained and advised on the choice of catheters, and
insertion methods, but really, everything else does seem to be covered
on-line, in medical journals, or in the manufacturers guidelines.  

Am I being entirely unrealistic (as well as arrogant and pig-headed - I
know I'm those two!)?  Is working out a pump basal so very different to
working out a basal with MDI?  (I must admit I am looking forwards to
having more than the time to adjust when trying to match insulin to

With best wishes to all,  
Pat Reynolds
email @ redacted
   "It might look a bit messy now, but just you come back in 500 years time" 
   (T. Pratchett)
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