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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

HI Moira
Sorry you're having so much difficulty.
My vernight Bhgs seemed to be completely random for ages, but apparently they've finally settled down.
Same with the morning ones.
My basal testing is very random. I know the "proper" way to do it but
it doesn't work very well for me. I find it easier to see what happens
when I adjust the basal, and work from there. 
For example, when I tested my basal rate overnight, I ended up with a
basal rate of 1.3 for the first 4 hours and then 1.1 for the next
4. but that sent my Bg the next morning up the wall for some
reason. Then I tried just adjusting my basal and seeing what happened,
and I ended up with a flat rate of 1.1 all night, and perfect Bgs the
next morning (which were then stable all through the morning). All the
waking up in the night seems to disrupt me too much. I have tested in
the night since and found it spot on.

A lto of it may be casued by stress, or by doing different things
during the day. Even a difference of intellectual work or relaxing
makes a difference to my BG, even if I'm just sitting still. 
Also, you probably are aware of this, but you have to take into
account the fact that whnever you measure your BG, it is probably not
sitting still butrising or falling. That can account for a lot fo the
differences you get after eating the same meal with the same BG before
hand. It's an incremental process, but graudally you should find your
Bg becoming more stable. It's not always instant.

i still have difficulties with dancing. Most of the time my BGH will
behave, but occasionally I'll still end up with a big high afterwards,
for no apparent reason. but there are so many variables to take into
account there - like whether we start and finish on time, what dances
we are doing, who my partner is, how stressful it is, how energetic it is, etc. etc.

I seem to have phases where my control is really good and phases where
it swings around a lot. So you're not alone.

I don't know why everyone is so scared of the Tender. i find it far
less intimidating tha the Sofset because I know it goes so much
Then again, I usually don't bother to look at it when I put it in.
Honest, it doesn't hurt!!!
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