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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

> > Moira - What sort of thing do you mean by bg's shooting up for no obvious
> > reason?

I mean that I can do exactly the same thing at the same time of day but one day
my bg will be 5 but the next time it will be 12. It makes it really hard to get
the basal rate right as one day it seems to make me low, the next it makes me
high. Also I can't get the same bg before I go to bed. If I go to bed with 8 I
might wake up with 6 but if I go to bed with 7 I will go hypo in the night. It
is almost impossible to have the same blood glucose level at the same time
every day. Also I may need three units for a meal one day but then find I can
eat the exact same meal but my bg will go up to 12 or 13. I just seem to be so
inconsistent. Stress affects me very badly and I tend to be stressed out a lot
of the time. I am also the victim of major hormonal jiggery pokery. I struggled
for the last week to keep my bgs under 13 but then today they all plunged down
to 3-4 ! Now they have gone up this afternoon to 13 again, aarrggg. I know that
even with this my bgs are better than they were on MDI as I could wake up with
anything from 4-20 and go through every possible bg in the book in the space of
one day. Even if my bgs aren't perfect now, the actual swings are less severe.
I would really like to get them under 8 though most of the time and even see a
whole day when they don't vary between 4 and 8 although this may be la-la land
dreaming for me.  I am using Rapids at the moment but I am going to try the 8mm
needle to see if that is any better. Saying that the set I put in yesterday
seems pretty comfy today so maybe it was just some hormonal sensitive body type
thing ! I might have a go at the Tender again although I have a fairly serious
phobia about its harpoon like quality. Thanks for all the feedback, I will

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