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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

> >I am also extremely frustrated that despite my best efforts my
> >blood sugars can still go up for no obvious reason.

I tend to take a philosophy similar to John's. Sometimes I do a
variety of things which could cause my BG to go up or down. But if I
choose to do them, then I don't worry.

I don't get worried by the occasional high or low, even if I can't
precisely explain it.  Most of us wouldn't be normal if we didn't
I do start to worry when I get a series of highs or lows which I can't
explain. In other words if I get a high, correct it, and it doesn't
come down. For me that's usually one of two things. Either my nbody is
stressed out in some way (mental stress, an infection etc.) or there's
something specific to pumping such as air bubbles or a bad site.

Any other reason such as wrong bolus or hypo or exercise rebound and
it is more or less instantly correctable.

Air bubbles are my main bugbear - occasionally they leap out and
surprise me. That's most often the cause of any high BGs I have.


> Moira - What sort of thing do you mean by bg's shooting up for no obvious
> reason? 

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